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New Online Payment System


Mawarra Public School has introduced online payments! Payments can be made using either a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. The secure payment page, hosted by Westpac, is accessed via our website by selecting the Make Online Payments link above.

You will be able to pay for anything that you would normally pay via the front office.

When you access the Make Online Payments you must enter:

* The students name, and

* Date of birth.

These details are entered each time you make a payment as student information is not held within the payment system. No student's details are given to Westpac. As a consequence, payments for each child need to be made separately. (There is also the option to enter the Student Registration Number and Invoice number but these fields are not relevant to Mawarra PS.) You must also enter details about who is paying.

This is a secure payment system hosted by Westpac to ensure that your credit/debit card details are captured in a secure manner. These details are not passed back to the school.

Under payment options, you enter the activity or item for which you are paying. Write a title in the Payment Description that will enable the School Staff to match your payment with the school activity or item. The description we would like you to use for activities or excursions will be printed on each permission note.

You have the ability to check and change any details of the payment before the payment is processed. You can print your own receipts or have the receipt emailed to your email account. This gives you immediate proof that you have paid for the item.

You will need to write your online payment receipt number and the date paid on the bottom of the signed permission note and this needs to be returned to the school office, through the ‘Cookie Monster' for your child to be able to attend the activity.

The next morning, details of the payments made prior to 3:30pm the previous day, are passed to the school where they will be matched against your child's account. Therefore payments need to be made prior to 3:30pm on the final date for payment of the excursion or activity or the payment will not be valid.

As a receipt has been issued from the payment page a further receipt may not be issued by us.

Full Parent Instructions (pdf 586 KB)