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Library news

The library at Mawarra Public School plays an important role in the overall education of the children from Kindergarten to Year 6. 

Bulk loans are provided to classrooms to support programs and to promote a love of reading. The library also supports the lexile program. 

In addition, all classes have regular lessons with the Teacher/Librarian. In Term 1 the library focus for classes 1 to 6, will be on teaching the students about World War 1, specifically about the ANZACs.

Other lessons during the year are devoted to literature, information skills and the effective use of the library, and to the borrowing of books. At other times, groups and individuals use the library for research, to use the computers to access the internet and lexile tests.

Primary students can borrow/return lexile books during the first half hour Monday to Thursday. Classes visit the library for 30 or 45 minutes each week, (in order to borrow, the children from Kindergarten to Year 4 need a library bag, either material or plastic, to protect the books).  

The library operates ‘Book club' twice each term with Book Fairs held in Terms 1 and 3. The Premier's Reading Challenge and Premier's Spelling Bee Challnge are also organised through the library as is an annual performance to recognise Book Week. 

The Teacher/Librarian is employed for four days per week and the Library Clerical Assistant for one day. Library Monitors play a key role in the functioning of the library. 

These are chosen each year from self-nominated Year 6 students. Both teachers and students use the library widely, so the turnover of books and teaching resources is high. 

There are always books to be covered and the library is grateful to the support of parents who volunteer their time.

The overall aims of the library program are:

  • To provide a positive learning environment where students can interact with ideas and information.
  • To foster a knowledge and love of good books and to encourage independent reading for pleasure.
  • To teach students to use a library and its resources effectively so that they become information literate.
  • To develop confidence in the use of new technologies to access information.

Library news

We are enjoying our beautiful library. Here is a reminder of each class's borrowing day.

All children Kindergarten to Year 4 must have a library bag/plastic bag in order to borrow a book. Donations of clean plastic bags are appreciated.

  • Monday: Classes 1H, 2B, 5K and 6T
  • Tuesday: Classes 5S, 6K, 3B and 3F
  • Wednesday: Classes KN, KJ, 2W and 1D
  • Thursday: Classes K/1P, KR, 2H, 4SR and 4KN 

Please note: All moneys (book club, payment for lost books) should be sent to the office.